I’m selling some of my paintings…. Prices vary from £15 to £100; prices should appear above and below the images of the paintings. If you’d like to make a purchase, feel free to Contact me with your name, address and the name of the painting you would like (you can pay in person; via PayPal; via cheque in the post; or I can send you details to make a bank transfer. If you don’t like any of these options I can set up an eBay page for you to buy through!)


Visit for more and for a simple, easy checkout process, and to see some of the paintings displayed and read some of their short stories.


Many of the paintings below are also available in Greetings Card form, for £1 or £2 (with envelope and cellophane wrap). Contact me if you would like to buy some – or look through the Greetings Cards page!

Many people ask me what the main difference is between oil and acrylic painting. Well, there are many differences (price of paint; drying time; paintbrush style; mixing method to name just a few!), but I’d like to mention the difference in how both types of paint make me feel. To me, painting with acrylics feels like running through meadows; jumping and spinning; somersaulting – it’s exciting, bold, and fast-paced. Painting with oils feels like sitting in a bath with scented candles and fantastic smooth music. Or that specific and unique pleasure you get when you’ve just eaten a delicious pub meal with good friends and then you begin to eat a Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert – warm, sweet, the perfect texture – a full and relaxed contentedness. Or the two could be compared to the difference between red and white wine: acrylic painting, like white wine, is cool, lively and refreshing; while oil painting, like red wine, is relaxing, deep and flavourful.


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£60 snowy lake scene, oil 10x12".jpg


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£100 Dancing at Dawn 30x40cm.jpg


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£40 Kingfisher, oil 10x12".jpg


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£35 Champagne 10.5x7.5" without mount.JPG


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£50 Life 30x40cm  .jpg


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LARGE £65 Leap perspective.JPG