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The Art of Surrender is a 50-chapter devotional study all about surrendering our whole selves into God’s hands. The layout follows the metaphor of the human body, with ten sections of our lives represented by ten body parts – for example, as we surrender our feet into God’s hands may He guide our steps, prepare our paths, lead us on our journey and be the firm foundation on which we stand.

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Trade Markup

If you buy five copies directly from me you pay only £25 (£5 each) plus £5 P&P, and I will give you full permission to sell them on for whatever price you choose (recommended £10 or £12).

We can work on a sale-or-return basis: if you display the books in your shop for 6 months (or a period of time that you specify) and at the end of that time there are unsold copies that you wish to return, feel free to do so and I will give you your money back for those remaining copies.

Buy Five copies for £25, plus £5 P&P