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Not quite poetry in any strict sense, but these woodland musings might be regarded as almost poetic in style and tone. Whatever they are or aren’t, may these light-hearted ponderings bring a tiny piece of Finland into your life.

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Trade Markup

If you buy five copies directly from me you pay only £20 (£4 each instead of £7.50) plus £5 P&P, and I will give you full permission to sell them on for whatever price you choose (recommendation: between £8 and £12).

We can work on a sale-or-return basis: if you display the books in your shop for 6 months (or a period of time that you specify) and at the end of that time there are unsold copies that you wish to return, feel free to do so and I will give you your money back for those remaining copies.

Buy Five copies for £20 plus £5 P&P