Hello! Hope you’ve been enjoying the Autumn season. Here’s an update from us…

We had our summer holiday a week or two ago (mid October) – went to Kefalonia for a week! It was wonderful. The sea was that shade of blue that you see in the brochures (and was beautifully warm!); the scenery was stunning and the food was fantastic. It wasn’t particularly relaxing as we packed a lot into our week there, but it was restful being away from the usual routine, and lovely to be out in the sunshine without the pressures of life and work etc back home. We met some great people, too!

Ben’s work is going well – it’s currently half term so he’s on reduced hours at the cafe and business has been quiet. My work has been as hectic as ever, multifaceted and occasionally I’m a little overstretched, but it certainly keeps me learning and I love it. Ben recently changed his day off to a Friday (same as my day off), so now we’re fortunate enough to have three-day weekends together!! We’ve absolutely loved being able to go away for long weekends visiting people. (This last weekend we had a lovely time visiting my family in North Yorkshire, which was great!) Having been away most weekends over the past few months we’re now looking forward to being at home for most of the weekends between now and Christmas.

Over the last month or so we‘ve also had the privilege of getting to know one of our neighbours much better than before. An incredibly inspiring woman with a wealth of knowledge about all sorts of things, and some mind-blowing stories to tell. She’s had some health trouble lately so I’ve been seeing her for short periods of time every day (apart from when we’re away for 3-day weekends!) and have really enjoyed getting to know her better.

Art sessions with people have been going well (at least, I’ve been enjoying them – and others have told me that they value the time too!), and some of them will continue into 2020. Now that the Christmas countdown has begun, I have various craft fayres to attend with my cards and jewellery, so I’m looking forward to shifting some of it! Lately I’ve not had much chance to sit and write, but will come back to it at some stage. Having said that, Ben and I have been intentionally spending more time learning Finnish from a textbook, hoping to one day be able to speak it semi-fluently…. It could take a while!

That’s it for now – please do let us know your news too!!

All the best,

Ben & Kat