Autumn Update

Hello! Hope you’re enjoying the lovely Autumn colours.
As ever, thanks for your prayers for us 🙂 We’re both quite well – and lots is going on as usual. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my new 30-hour (4-day) working week and the ability to spend more time painting, and Ben’s been enjoying teasing me for being a part-timer as he’s now gone up to full-time hours in his role as deputy manager at the cafe. He’s been taking on more responsibilities, and in reality more or less every weekday he now works 9 or 11 hours including the commute (depending on whether he’s opening or closing the cafe – even longer hours on the odd occasions when he does both), so is quite tired when he gets home! He may cut back down to a 4-day working week in the New Year, depending on how he finds this new schedule. (I think it would be a good idea to do so.) One possibility that Ben has been considering is potentially cutting down his hours to make time to teach piano privately. He is qualified to do so but hopes to take an online tutoring course (having done some research and found some good options) before beginning – and there are various other practical / logistical things to consider such as space for storing a piano etc. I have no doubt that he would make an excellent piano tutor and that he would not struggle to find students – it’s just getting around to it that holds us back at this stage, and considering whether it’s really something he wants to pursue and invest in. Some time in 2018, hopefully – watch this space.
Similarly, I’ve started advertising my new Art Tuition courses, having written the curriculum for 24 SOAP sessions (school of acrylic painting) and bought all the necessary resources for the first five sessions of both the teens’ and the adults’ classes. A few other short courses (including Christmas courses) have also been devised and prepared, and are being advertised. SOAP will begin more or less as soon as four people have signed up (hopefully next month, or potentially December or even the New Year depending on what people want), and the Christmas courses and the one-off Canvas Stretching class will go ahead on the dates specified so long as four people have signed up to each of them in good time. ( There has been a fair bit of interest so far, and I’m pretty excited! So by Christmas 2018 it may be that Ben is a piano tutor and I’m an art tutor (both part-time, working ‘real jobs’ part-time as well)! What a strange thought.
We’re still a little overwhelmed with options for the long-term future, and still seeking God’s guidance. It would be lovely if we could know at this stage whether or not we’ll still be in England in ten years’ time, so as to consider whether to begin looking into things like buying a house (which we may even consider regardless, as an investment towards the pension, though being able to pay for a deposit still feels like worlds away at the moment) – but we’re trying to just trust God to lead us in our day-to-day situations and see where we end up. Lots of opportunities and open doors and exciting options, and we’re trusting God to show us the right way at the right time. In the meantime we’re throwing ourselves into life here.
Our church is currently without a minister (so we’re in the “Interregnum”) but we’re looking forward to the interviews in November. I’ve been asked to be involved on the day and am excited to see what will happen. This past few months has been a hectic time for the church, but it’s been very good. People have been thinking hard about potential changes, and indeed considering making some real (small) changes even now – such as restarting the house group and considering its purpose and direction. On the back of reading the rather exciting ‘aims’ stated in the Parish Profile, Ben and I have sent lots of ideas as to things we can do NOW (during the interregnum) to work towards some of those – and I hope one or two of them are being or will be considered. There is some reluctance to think about such things at this stage, in recognition that anything that changes now may be changed again (or changed back) as soon as the new vicar arrives and says what he/she wants or thinks. So, we’ll see what happens. The deadline for applications was early this week, so do pray for the shortlisting process, the applicants, and the people who will have the final say at the end of the day. 
Book sales are going well, and from the comments and messages I’ve received it seems to be blessing people. The thought that people I don’t know have read what I have to say is still quite strange to me, but I’m glad it’s useful to people. I’ve been asked to write an article about it for the parish magazine for next month, so perhaps people in our church will take a bit of an interest…! There’s a possibility that I may do a book celebration next year once it’s got a few reviews etc, as several people have asked after a book launch etc which I never did (and it may be too late now). We’ll see. On Sunday I preached on Surrender (at a different church), and was reminded yet again of how different ‘preaching’ feels to ‘doing talks’. I haven’t preached in over a year but have done many talks, as well as led workshops and sessions etc, through work and had subconsciously presumed that it would sort of feel the same. It did not. And, to be honest, even though with preaching I am usually more passionate about what I’m trying to communicate, I now find it infinitely more difficult, intimidating and stressful than ‘speaking’ in a secular context. I suppose this was heightened (or another dynamic or layer of complexity was added) by the fact that I already knew most of the people who attended the Sunday service but through work. There were people there that I’d met at the local scrabble group, and the quilting group, and the bowls group, and a teacher from the local school, etc – who knew me as a Community Builder, not as a preacher, writer or even Christian. I found it quite odd. Anyway, it’s over now – and perhaps I’ll stick to writing in future rather than preaching 😉 
I think that’s it for our news… Thanks again for keeping us in your prayers! Do keep in touch – we really love hearing from friends from different stages of our lives. God bless!

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