August Update

Hello! Hope you’re having a lovely Summer. Here’s a quick update from us…

A few things have happened since we last sent an update a month ago. I got a book published – The Art of Surrender (available on Amazon – Kindle download for £7 or Paperback for £9), a project which started about eight years ago and has grown and changed and developed ever since. The project began in blog and sermon form while I was still in secondary school, and then expanded into a longer project that I thought would be a small booklet – but then got longer and became a book. I wrote a lot of it while we lived in Bolivia, and have since been thoroughly editing and rewriting chapters, and then finishing off the last three sections over the past year or so. Ben has been proofreading and notifying me of typos; and a select group of trusted friends and family members have been receiving it a chapter a week by email over the past year or so, which has helped with the editing process as people have responded with their comments and constructive criticisms. My grandma was very influential in making me be a little more proactive with it and get it published – almost every time we spoke she would ask if it was published yet. So, of course, the very day my first copies arrived I posted one to her  🙂

Anyway, do have a read if you like. It’s a Christian devotional around the topic of surrender of our whole selves to God. It is in ten sections, themed around the metaphor of human body parts – for example, the hands represent our work, our possessions etc; our feet represent our paths and journeys… There are fifty chapters, so some people like to read a chapter a week and ‘digest’ it throughout the week – and that way it would last a year (allowing for a week off for Christmas and a week off for Easter, based on the assumption that people are reflecting on other important things during those weeks!). If you search “The Art of Surrender” on Amazon, it should be the first option that comes up. (Or click this link – There is a promotional video too, on YouTube, which can be used to advertise in churches and small groups – feel free to show it to whomever you like! Simply YouTube search “The Art of Surrender Gibson” and it should again be the first option (or click this link –

In other news, we’re both still enjoying our jobs – Ben’s schedule is a little different throughout Summer though because most of the customers are young mums, as the cafe is located between two schools. This means that there are fewer customers at the usual ‘peak times’ immediately after both school-runs, and more customers at around midday – so he is able to open the café later and close it earlier. This has meant working fewer hours and being able to sleep in a little more, which has been nice, but it has also meant working on his own for two and a half hours each day rather than having at least two members of staff at almost all times. This change has made Ben’s working life a little more stressful and he comes home more tired than usual because it can be quite unpredictable and sometimes he is on his feet and constantly busy non-stop, all day, which is not normal for term-time. Next month his manager hopes to move on to other things, which may change things even more – watch this space…

My job is the same as ever… Ha – if you are one of the many people who think that all I ever do at work is sit and have coffee, read this recent blog post that I wrote at work about doing just that… I was challenged to write this by my manager shortly after someone stopped me in the street and said, “I want to understand what you do – everywhere you go, things happen; but you never seem to do any work – you just seem to sit and have coffee with people!” The link to the blog is here –

From September I’m cutting down to four days a week so that I can invest more time painting and developing the art business, which is hugely exciting. Both Ben and I have little promotions coming up next month, which has meant that even if I cut down to 30 hours a week we’ll still be earning more than we are currently! And if I manage to sell some paintings and/or jewellery, that will be a bonus too. Do check out the new website on – I’ve put a lot of work into it…

A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to go on a wonderful 4-day holiday in Falmouth, Cornwall, where we stayed in a friend’s flat on the seafront. We had an absolutely fantastic time, and it was very relaxing. We walked on several beaches, went for walks, climbed a tree, explored some woodland, visited many art galleries and craft shops, played board games, slept a lot, did some open air painting while looking at amazing views from footpaths and pub beer gardens, and had a really wonderful time. We’re very thankful to the friends who lent us their flat there for the long-weekend!

We’re very much looking forward to going to New Mexico (USA) in a few weeks’ time for Ben’s best mate’s wedding!!!! We’re going for a week, the week leading up to the wedding, in the hope of spending some time with the happy couple. Ben hasn’t yet started writing his Best Man’s Speech but I have no doubt that it will be hilarious. Ben and Tom have been best friends since they were eight years old. Tom and Rosa (the fiancée, who is from New Mexico – hence the wedding location) live in Japan as YWAM missionaries. Two years ago we dragged Tom back to England for our wedding, so now he’s repaying the favour! We’re preparing for some unbearably hot weather….

That’s it from us! Have an amazing summer, and KEEP IN TOUCH!  🙂

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