October update

Oops – it’s been two months since the last blog! The year goes by so quickly. Oh well – here’s our update for this month.
We’re both happily settling into jobs that we love, yay! Ben is working in a Christian coffee shop owned by a baptist church in Cheltenham – he’s a barista, but also the vicar of that church has asked him to pray about how God might want him to develop the role and make it more missional. So he’s doing that. He loves working there, especially because his colleagues are friendly. His main worry while jobhunting was ending up in a job where he doesn’t get on with his colleagues, so this job is great!
My job is still going well, and there are some wonderful moments when I can see that the work is making a positive difference to people’s lives, and those moments are what make me really love my job. My colleagues are friendly, and I love the two villages where I work. It’s very convenient living near where I work, because Ben needs the car to get to his work and I can just walk to anywhere I need to be.
It’s wonderful, too, living in the quiet village of Barnwood. There is a beautiful park and arboretum just a ten minute walk away from the house, and our neighbours (the ones we’ve managed to meet!) seem nice. The village smells of lavender, which makes a pleasant change from living in the city centre – and it’s very quiet here, which makes it easier to rest and relax when we’re at home, than when we lived in the city centre. We’re pretty settled now in the lovely maisonette that we’re renting, and thoroughly appreciating having a larger living room as well as a spare room and much more storage space than in our previous flat. We use the spare room as an art studio, a music room, a film room (we don’t have a TV but now have a projector so it feels almost like the cinema when we watch films in the spare oom!), a prayer room and an everything-room – it’s great to have that freedom. It also has a nice sofa bed which we can extend when people come and stay. 
We are still prayerfully pondering various options for the long-term future. For now we will be staying in Barnwood, at least for the next two years – and I hope that we will be able to use some of this time preparing for wherever we might end up afterwards. Please pray that God will let us know where we should go and what we should do longer-term. We have been offered various absolutely amazing options, and are aware of opportunities all over the world that we could pursue – but no one place or job in particular has yet stood out above the others. We would appreciate prayer for this process!
Hope you’re well, and please do keep in touch!!

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