More summer…

It seems it’s time for another update from us… Hope you’re having as fun a summer as we are!
This summer there have been many changes in our lives; many occasions to celebrate. We graduated with degrees; I had a birthday; Ben passed his driving test; we got a car; we moved house; I started a new job… Then, after all of these things, we went away on holiday! 
Ben, being half-Finnish, visits Finland every second year with his parents and siblings to see all the relatives and enjoy the wonder of the forests and lakes. For the second time I was given the privilege of going with them this year, and we had an absolutely fantastic time. We found it very relaxing being able to go for walks in the forest, swim in lakes, pick abundant bilberries, sit on beaches, enjoy many barbecues, sit in saunas, and of course to spend time with relatives/in-laws. It was an amazing two weeks, and as ever I feel so blessed to be a part of this family.
Shortly after returning to the UK, Ben and I left Gloucester again to volunteer at New Wine, a Christian camping conference. Ben has been working on the Site Services team, which seems to have very long shifts at horrible hours; and I have been on the youth team, as I usually do at this conference. We’ve met some amazing people, as well as having opportunity to catch up with old friends, and we’ve been able to go to a few seminars too. Unfortunately Ben and I seem to have almost opposite shifts, so we haven’t been able to spend much time together – but the time we have had together has been even more valuable to us as a result. Camping has been uncomfortable and cold, but it’s all worth it to be here. The atmosphere in this place is amazing. One thing that has stood out to me in a seminar I attended this week is that it just makes God so extravagantly happy whenever we acknowledge Him in any way. He does not bring long lists of accusations against us when we come to Him, as I think many of us subconsciously assume, but rejoices when we look to Him. Awesome! As is often the way, this truth was not a new thing to me, but it was good to hear it again. God is good.
We return to Gloucester this Sunday, and then on Monday we are taking my sister away for a week for her 18th birthday! Very exciting. As soon as we return from that week I return to work, and Ben returns to job-hunting. It is strange thinking about settling back into a routine of working life – but we are looking forward to it, especially having moved house into a really lovely area of Gloucester (as opposed to the city centre), and into a rather nice ‘maisonette’. Do come visit us if you get chance!
Have a great August!!

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