April Update

Hello again!


One week to go until our Term Placement – a month in Central Asia, after which we return to College to write a 4,000 word report on our time away. While away we will be staying with a local host family, and will be working with a non-profit organisation – our responsibilities will include helping to teach English, attending meetings and helping with any other practical things that need doing. Please join with us in praying for this trip!


Before we go, though, we must finish and submit our 8,000 word Dissertations. We are beginning to notice the time pressure now – especially when people remind us that we are supposed to be learning Russian during this last week in the UK as well – and all the other things that we are yet to finish.


We will (hopefully) graduate on 3rd June. After that, as a friend recently pointed out, we will “go from ‘graduate’ to ‘unemployed’ in a day!”. We are looking into jobs in the area, and I have applied to several already – and hoping to apply to some more within this last week before placement, if we get time! Although we are away visiting several places between June and August, we hope to start full-time work in Mid-August or at the start of September. Please will you pray that God will guide us in this job-hunting-process, and that we end up in the right jobs…


We are now also pursuing options for the long-term future. One in particular has stood out to us, but we would like to find out more and make a short-term trip to visit the people out there before we make a final decision. Again, we would appreciate your prayers for this time of discernment of where God wants us and which options to pursue. Also we would appreciate your prayers regarding the financial side of ‘being missionaries’ long-term: at least for the first year or two we will be living off support from churches and individuals in the UK, as well as any savings we manage to accumulate over the next year or two of working in the UK. We do not know how we are going to raise the amount of money we need to live as full-time missionaries, and although we are confident that God will provide as He always does, the prospect of this is still making us a little nervous. Please join us in prayer that we are able to raise the amount of financial support that we need, by the time we need it!


Again, thanks so much for your prayers and support. Please let us know what’s going on in your lives – we love to hear your news and updates!


God bless 🙂

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