Feb update 

A quick update from us…

Thus far, Ben and I are thoroughly enjoying married life (in answer to one of our most commonly asked questions)! College life is going well too – just three more assignments to submit, plus a dissertation, all to finish within the next eight weeks 🙂
As such, we’ve spent a great deal of time doing other things – Ben’s been making music on various music-making-machines that connect to his laptop; I’ve been doing a fair bit of of painting and learning to play the harp; we’ve been continuing to thoroughly enjoy dancing the Tango, and we’ve been away visiting friends and family in a couple of different parts of the UK. Last week we were blessed with the opportunity to spend some time with friends who recently moved to the West Coast of Wales – it was absolutely lovely to see them and to have a few days of rest between beautiful hills and beaches…. We also went to see Ben’s parents for a few days, which was very nice. Next week we hope to make a quick trip to visit our niece and baby nephew (and their parents!) – we’re thoroughly looking forward to that.
Church is good, though unfortunately because of the distance (and lack of car) we’re not managing to make it to many mid-week things at the moment. We take buses when possible, which works fairly well for Sunday mornings and the occasional other event…
Our 4-6week placement in Central Asia is coming up shortly after Easter, which is exciting! We’d appreciate your prayer for that, and will give updates next month with details of the kinds of work we’ll be doing. We’ll be working with an NGO, probably helping with English conversation classes and more practical work – we’ll be able to give more details nearer the time.
We’re also beginning to think about the time between graduating from college and ‘going out’ to do long-term cross-cultural mission somewhere… That in-between time is likely to be 1-2 years, while we raise some money and finalise details as to where we’ll be living and what we’ll be doing and the like. During that 1-2 years we’ll need to both get full-time jobs, and hope to remain in Gloucester. We’d appreciate prayer for God’s guidance during this time, leading us to work in the right places and make the right decisions 🙂
Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, messages and support! Keep in touch – we love to hear from you! 😀

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