Merry almost-Christmas!!

Merry almost-Christmas!! 
Quick update from us…
No more essays til 2016! We had our final deadlines yesterday – along with the student cooked breakfast, the last Community Worship in the old Redcliffe building (more staff than students!), the Christmas lunch and goodbyes to leaving staff members, a college Christmas gathering in the evening with viewings of the past two years’ student pantomimes… Busy day, it was great fun! In the New Year ‘the move’ at college will hopefully be finalised, so we should have all our lectures in the new place at Cathedral Close, and at some stage the old building will be sold. It’s been a bumpy ride (‘the move’, I mean) – but we’ve all survived it, as far as I know, and I hope it hasn’t had too much of an impact on our grades.
Now we’re ‘off’ for Christmas. The plan is to rest a little in Gloucester with lots of little social gatherings for the next few days, then visiting Walsall from Sunday to Wednesday (though I’m coming back to Gloucester on Monday night), then our own little Christmas here on the Thursday and perhaps a Christmas party or two for the next couple of days. After that we go to Wraysbury on the 19th to spend time with Ben’s family, and then on Boxing Day we’ll go Up North to see my family and friends 🙂 On New Year’s Eve we’ll go up to Edinburgh to experience the awesomeness of Hogmene, and to visit friends (we’ve never been to Edinburgh before, heard it’s absolutely beautiful and a great atmosphere), and returning to Gloucester on the evening of the 3rd January.
We’re thoroughly enjoying married life – I guess we’d expected it to be incredibly difficult because of all that the marriage books and marriage courses had told us, but we’re (thus far) not experiencing that at all. It’s been a learning curve of course, realising little things about each other, having little miscommunications regarding assumptions or expectations that we each have of life and of marriage, and generally really enjoying each other’s company. Ben’s cooking is awesome (and he still really enjoys cooking), which is a huge blessing for me – and it’s been absolutely wonderful being able to practice hospitality, having little parties in our flat as well as having people over for meals and the like. It’s so nice to have the flat as our own personal space too, which we can make our own and decorate how we like (within reason). It’s also wonderfully well insulated which makes it lovely and warm, and our gas bill is low as a result – yay!
As essay deadlines have approached, I’ve been spending more time making colourful jewellery as procrastination – and have begun attending craft fairs to sell it in aid of Operation Restoration (the home where I worked in Bolivia in 2012-2013). We’ve also been attending a few Tango events in the lead-up to Christmas, which has been so much fun! Tango events (‘milongas’) are such a different atmosphere to the Wednesday classes, and both are wonderful. Ben’s such a good dancer now!
People keep asking us about ‘The Future’. In answer to all your questions, we just don’t know. At some stage we’d like to go abroad to work in cross-cultural mission, but as yet we don’t have any set plans regarding where we go, what we do, what organisation we work for, or any of the other details. We’ve been in touch with some organisations and have had many different thoughts, but finalised no plans yet. In April-May 2016 we plan to make a trip to EITHER Central Asia, North Africa or India, depending on who might want to use us 🙂 This might possibly, hopefully give us a bit more of an idea of what we might end up doing longer-term. We’ll see…
If you want to meet over Christmas, please get in touch if you haven’t already!!! 🙂
God bless
The Gibsons xD

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