Embarking on the journey of married life…!

HELLO from the new Mr and Mrs Gibson!!

We’ve survived the first almost-three-weeks of married life, and are thus far thoroughly enjoying it 🙂 The last few weeks leading up to the wedding were great – spending quite a lot of time with both of our families; camping; walking; meeting with friends who we hadn’t seen for a long time; a lot of last-minute organising and sorting things… I (Kathryn) got an awful cold a few days before the wedding, which was quite stressful and exhausting, but thankfully it was mostly better on the wedding day itself (after eating a significant amount of honey, kiwi fruit, lemon, garlic, tablets and more).

The wedding day was absolutely wonderful! I’d expected to be nervous or stressed on the wedding day, because people kept implying that I should be, but it was very relaxed and chilled and just happy, especially from 4pm onwards. It was a very surreal day for both of us, felt sort of as if we were in a dream rather than reality – we could hardly believe that the day had finally come. It was such a lovely day, especially seeing so many friends from different parts of our lives, who had come from all over the world (including Japan, Bolivia, Mexico, Nepal, the USA, Finland, the Netherlands and elsewhere – just to be there for our special day!), and were all in one place – to see us…! That was perhaps the strangest part – seeing friends who we knew in Bolivia hanging out with college friends and old schoolfriends and friends we knew from all kinds of different places. It was very moving.

We’re so grateful to all who came to see us at our wedding, and to those who helped out with things on the day, and to those who helped us prepare different things or sort things out in advance, and also to those who couldn’t make it on the day but thought and/or prayed for us from afar. We felt almost overwhelmed by the love that people showed us, and our memories from that day will be with us forever.

We were also amazed by the beautiful cards and gifts that we received…! THANK YOU everyone…!! We’re yet to finish writing thank-you-cards, but it’ll happen soon….  If you sent a gift and don’t receive a thank-you-card, that’ll be because the card you sent was separated from the gift you sent, and so the gift appeared to be anonymous. I think the ‘cards box’ was a great idea – but in practice not all that practical because we ended up with a significant number of ‘anonymous’ gifts as a result. Ah well…!

Our honeymoon was absolutely amazing. We went to Langkawi, Malaysia, and had all kinds of fun experiences including feeding an elephant and riding him through a jungle and a river; saying hello to a beautiful young tiger (in a large cage which we didn’t enter – don’t worry); and several thieving monkeys (we kept our things safe and hidden, and our chalet securely locked at all times, having heard about the antics of these badly-behaved creatures!); saw a very large iguana just outside our chalet one morning; went snorkelling and swam with several domesticated sharks and a barracuda, along with many very colourful tropical fish of all shapes and sizes; fed and stroked a stingray; hired a jet ski (I made Ben seasick from going too fast and swerving too much – whoops!); went parasailing; went jungle trekking and learnt about different kinds of dangerous animals, insects and trees (!); ate at an incredible restaurant on the end of a pier, from which we watched the sun set over the mountains and were serenaded by a Mariachi band who were from Indonesia but dressed as Mexicans (?!); experienced real Thai massage; went on a Mangrove trail and went into bat caves and watched eagles swooping and fishing all around us (not in the bat caves though!); went on a beautiful sunset dinner cruise; met some absolutely wonderful people; and slept a LOT! The best part though, for me, was realising at random moments that I no longer had anything to organise. We certainly do not miss wedding planning. It was fun in part, but a huge amount to do, and we’re both very glad it’s over!

Anyway, we’re now back in Gloucester, recovering from jet lag etc, and this week started back at college and work and the like. My work is changing significantly – yay – and Ben is job-hunting for some part-time work that he can do alongside studies. We’re enjoying living together (so far) and adjusting to each other’s little habits… It’s absolutely wonderful to have our own place where we can stay, and rest, and work, and enjoy life, and have people over, and feel ‘at home’, whatever that means. I love our little flat, and we’ve really made it our own, which is great.

College this year will be very different from the past two years, not only for us because of starting married life, but because the college is in the process of moving venue, which involves changing many established traditions and systems – we’ll see how that goes…! We’re expecting this next six weeks to be unpredictable and perhaps a little turbulent, but it might calm down a bit after half term.

As always, thanks for your thoughts and prayers, and KEEP IN TOUCH!! A friend said to me a few weeks ago that she doesn’t want to send me many messages because she thinks I might be too busy to read emails or Facebook messages etc, and wouldn’t want to hear from her. That’s so wrong – we love to hear from people and to keep in touch with people!!!

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