Less than three weeks left as a Rowe!

Less than three weeks to go til the wedding – thought it must be time for another blog post – the last, in fact, as Miss Kathryn Rowe…!
This past month or so has been as busy as ever. After moving into the flat at the end of May (two and a half months ago now) I had a lot of fun sorting furniture and whatnot, having people over, and taking on extra hours with work so as to afford the rent over the Summer while we’re away. The last week in Gloucester, at the end of July, Ben came to Gloucester for a week for a friend’s wedding and to attend five private Tango lessons offered to us as a wedding present from our wonderful teachers in the Forest of Dean! It was awesome.
After that, we went to stay at his parents’ house and after two nights (while Ben stayed there to continue his summer job as a porter in a posh hotel) I went off to the French Alps to help out at a Richmond Holidays retreat. It was the most posh chalet I’ve even stayed in – with two saunas, two hot tubs, and champagne with canapés every night as well as three-course dinners and huge buffet breakfasts! To top it all, we were surrounded by the magnificence of the Alps – it was (literally) breathtaking. Awesome. The guests were an eclectic mix and certainly a lot of fun, and the staff were equally memorable and lovely.
I returned to England on Saturday, and now have had a few days at Ben’s parents’ house to rest and sort out some wedding details, as well as clearing out Ben’s old bedroom and spending some time with the family, before heading up to North Yorkshire to go camping in the Dales with my family!! Fun fun fun =]
Less than three weeks to the wedding. Will we get everything done on time? Will we survive this last few weeks? Will we make it back from Malaysia alive after the honeymoon? Watch this space…!

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