Back to England 

We’re now back in England and recovering from jet lag 😀 Our final week in Japan was wonderful – people really went out of their way to bless us 🙂 We learnt ‘sushi-rolling’ (creating sushi with images of colourful flowers inside); we ascended the inside of a giant concrete peace statue of a lady, during a typhoon (AMAZING); we went to the Pacific Coast; we helped out with a few more church-related activities, and did a few other things too.

Our hosts were awesome. We miss them already. And the Japanese people were so unbelievably friendly and welcoming. I’m glad to be back in England though, mainly for the food (!) but also to be around people who speak my language. One of the first things we did after arriving back in the UK was go to the local pub for fish and chips 🙂 yay!

Today, two of our favourite people in the world are getting married – so we’re off to a village near Ipswich for the wedding 😀 EEEEEK!! Then back to Gloucester to resume the care-work job and to go flat-hunting.

As always, thanks for your prayers and support – keep in touch!

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