Happy Easter!


I can hardly believe it’s already Easter. This past month has flown by, probably because of all the deadlines… It’s been hectic!

We’re now more or less sorted for Japan – we fly on 13th May. We’ll be working in a town called Kimitsu, which has a 5-mile long steel works in which the majority of the townspeople work. My main task for this next week is to learn some Japanese phrases! Ben’s miles ahead of me in that respect.

When we’re there we’ll be helping with church activities – services, Bible study groups etc (with translation) – and getting involved with community life in the town. For part of the time we’ll be staying with an OMF missionary couple, and part of the time with local families who have offered to host us.

Studies for this academic year have come to an end, except for the reports and presentations we’ll have to do about Japan when we return. There’s still no news as to where we’ll live or where we’ll be studying after the Summer: though Redcliffe staff have been promising to inform us as soon as possible…

Wedding planning is going well and we’ve got most of the main things sorted – just many smaller things to finish off nearer the time. Hopefully we’ll have a break from this while in Japan! We’ve been reading marriage preparation books and attending a marriage-prep course etc, and enjoying the conversations that arise as a result of those 🙂

My health has been significantly improving over the past fortnight or so – probably because of last month’s change in medication. Ben’s connived that God will completely heal me some time soon, and I hope he’s right!! Thanks so much to those who’ve prayed for me 🙂

Work (part-time care-work job) has been interesting – it seems there was a mix-up of dates and for the past 10 days I’ve been given no work. Up until Friday that worked in my favour (intense deadline week at college), but having agreed to stay in Gloucester for an extra week in order to work and earn some money for Japan, it was a bit of a letdown to not be given a rota during that time… And somewhat curious that this ‘mix-up’ happened immediately after I asked that my early-morning shifts be reduced to 2-3 days per week rather than 6-7. Ah well – this week I now have more time to rest, see friends, read, learn Japanese and get all those little things done, without the pressures of a job. I do hope they give me work when I come back on the 18th though, as they said they would…

If you’re reading this in order to find things to pray for, for me (thank you!) – here are some ideas:
– Health! That I have minimal pain and maximum energy during my time in Japan, and preferably that I’m completely healed… 😀
– Wedding plans: that there will be no more stress and that all the details will work out ok.
– Summer, that I manage to organise my time effectively and well!
– Ben… He’s simply awesome =]

Thanks! And Happy Easter to all 😀

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