Start of March update

Hello world!

Here’s my update for the start of March…

Health (which seems the most prominent aspect of my life at the moment) has not been wonderful over this past month, much the same as the previous two months. More or less every day I’ve been feeling sick and faint-y, with pain in the abdomen, back and head. It’s also been difficult to think straight, difficult to remember very obvious things and difficult to stop myself from being irritable a lot of the time. Argh! However, today they started me on a new medication which, hopefully, will have much more promising results than the last! 🙂

Tango is great (still), and it’s something fun to look forward to each week. Also an excuse to get out the nice dresses and funky jewelry! We also hope to experience Tango in Japan in April…. We received confirmation this week that there is certainly a place for us – yay!! Booked the flights today – we’ll be there from 14th April to 14th May. Email me if you’d like more information!

Studies are fairly relaxed at the moment – though we have 8 assignment deadlines coming up within the last few weeks of term, so they need to be paced out over the next 5 weeks. Lots to do! I’ll really miss the community lifestyle here. College is moving to the city centre in the Summer, marking an end to residential courses and an end to the degree course. I’ll miss living with so many awesome people, but I’m sure College will be just as good – just different. By then Ben and I will have a lovely flat, hopefully with a balcony – and I’ll be ‘Mrs Gibson’…!

Marriage/wedding preparation is coming along nicely, with all the main things sorted (hopefully!), and most of the rest can be done nearer the time. We’ve recently finished an entertaining marriage preparation book, and have a marriage course coming up this month too…

I’m still thoroughly enjoying my care-work job – except for the early mornings! The clients are lovely. It should also give me enough money to cover most of the Japan costs, if I come back to Gloucester in Summer to work some more.

That’s all from me for now! Do keep in touch 🙂 God is good, all the time.

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