Leading up to Christmas….

Hi all,

This last month has been somewhat difficult, and this past week especially so.

Wedding planning has been difficult and has been the case of a fair bit of upset, though we have got a lot done now…

I’ve been seeing the doctor repeatedly over the past ten months or more regarding my regular fainting, and they’ve been extremely unhelpful – until yesterday, when someone finally told me what the problem was. No more ‘you might have anaemia, you might have an overactive thyroid, you might have chronic fatigue and serious depression even if you don’t feel it…’. I have endometriosis, and I’m very glad that now I know what it is! It explains all of my strange medical issues that I’d been struggling with and confused about, and that I hadn’t linked together. However, having read more about what it is (and the other symptoms that I’ve not encountered yet) I’m not very hopeful and would really rather not have it at all. However, at least two of the main symptoms that I’ve been struggling with have now been able to be treated – finally!

Work (part time care work job) is going well and I’m really enjoying it! Studies have been tiring over this past month with many essays etc to do, but I did enjoy them. Preparing for Christmas has taken up the vast majority of my time this month, including (especially) the student pantomime in college. I’m glad it’s all sort of over now, although it was very good fun.

Sorting out ‘term placement’ (serving abroad for a time) has been somewhat stressful too. Ben is going to Japan, and I have opportunity to go with him (but not work with him, work in a different part of the same ministry). No offence to Japanese people, but I have no real interest in Japan whatsoever and certainly can’t see it as a potential long-term option, and I don’t see what those six weeks there could achieve. I’ve also been offered work in Central Asia, which REALLY excites me. However, it’d mean being away from Ben with little communication at all for another six weeks shortly before getting married, which could be healthy or whatever but which we found very tough last year. So I’m struggling with this at the moment, and praying about it loads – haven’t received any recognisable answer yet, though everyone I speak to seems to have an opinion on the matter in one direction or the other.

Right now I’m about to set off for a retreat week at Taize, which a friend paid for to bless me! The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I really need this time off travelling alone like I used to, just to seek God and spend time with Him, without any other priority. Afterwards I’ll be staying with family up North for Christmas, followed by New Year with Ben’s family (and he’s already there now) 🙂

Over this past month I’ve felt so supported and so loved by the College community. People haven’t known all of what was going on in my head this past month but have been so wonderfully loving and nice throughout. Thanking God for college friends actually brought me to tears a number of times this week – there are some really amazing people!

Thanks for your prayers and support. I hope this post hasn’t put a damper on your Christmas celebrations…

God is good! All the time 🙂

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