November 2014…. ENGAGED!!!!

Hello all!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog update. Not all that much has happened since then, except for getting a part time job with a care organisation, and BEN PROPOSING…!

He planned a really special day full of lovely surprises (including my favourite flowers, my favourite cake, a LOT of chocolate including a large tub full of thousands of smarties, a beautiful letter that he’d written and a video he’d made….), and we went walking in the Malvern hills and watched the sunset from the top (plus fireworks). There, he went down on his knee, holding in his hand the most beautiful engagement ring imaginable, and asked me to marry him. I’m not sure I even said yes, but I think he took my tears and squeals as a positive response!

So now there’s lots on, what with College assignments, this part-time care work job, and planning a wedding/honeymoon etc. So many things to sort out – but it’s great fun. There’s still a lot of time between now and the wedding (in late August), but I’d like to get as much sorted as possible well in advance, so that I’m not stressing about it later on. It’s been exciting planning and sorting things thus far!

College is still good fun: this term’s modules seem more relaxed than last year’s – and a lot less homework than last year. People here are so lovely and I really appreciate being back in the community atmosphere. After going away over half term, although I had a really lovely time, I missed Redcliffe and community life a lot, and it was a relief to be back.

Not much else to say, really. Christmas is coming, just six weeks to go now!! Volunteering in the Christian bookshop in the hospital here has made me think that perhaps I should think about starting to prepare for it at some point… 😉 Next year (after Easter) I’m to go away for six weeks to work with a Christian organisation somewhere in the world. I have many ideas but no set plans yet as to where/what, etc. I’ll keep you posted on that – watch this space!

As ever, thanks so much for your thoughts, prayers and support. Keep in touch! 😀


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