April 2014

No more essays until June! Leaving Gloucester (temporarily) was emotional and I felt so blessed, especially by College friends and by my church. After a much needed rest in Wraysbury followed by a wonderful few days of catching up with friends and family in Yorkshire, I’m now back at Ben’s parents’ house until Tuesday when I fly back to Bolivia – yay! In Bolivia I’ll be working with indigenous leaders; helping with relief work; a bit of English teaching, and other stuff – which may all have changed by the time I get there… Thanks again for all your prayers and support – its thoroughly appreciated!

Recently Ben’s dad was leading a foot-washing service at church, which made me think more about what it means to really serve others, selflessly and with a willingness to get our hands dirty, putting ourselves in a ‘lower’ position. What would the modern-day application of this challenging and world-shakingly humble act of Christ look like, I wonder? A high up businessman or CEO spontaneously making coffee one morning for the less experienced and ‘unimportant’ workers, maybe? A church leader helping with church spring cleaning? Any one of us, who considers ourselves to have ‘more important work to do’, doing something completely unnoticed with totally selfless motives, which we wouldn’t normally do, but which benefits others…? On considering this I became aware that especially while I’d been finishing my essays and revising for the Greek exam etc I’d done very little to benefit others, and I wonder now to what extent I’m genuinely willing to have the same attitude as Christ had (Philippians 2) and take on the position of a servant, doing things completely unnoticed for the benefit of others, when it means putting my own interests on hold. Lord God, teach me to follow Your example!

Happy Easter, everyone 😀 keep in touch!

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