Update July 2013…..

Wow, over the past 5 weeks what has happened? Well, after my last post work was hugely intense for a couple of weeks, and then I took my holiday leave (first and only holiday since starting here). Holiday was great – Ben’s parents and brother came to visit, and then my mum came too – it was a lovely time, though fairly fast-paced in parts and slightly tiring at times. Now I’m back at work, the timetable is even more intense than before (if possible…!), and I’m looking forward to an amazing last month of work. Can’t believe I’ve only got one month left here…..

I’ve been finalizing everything for coming back to the UK, which is difficult to get my head around but exciting at the same time!

Thank you so much for your prayers regarding new staff for the ministry. Three new male staff have been employed (!!!!), two more are in the interviewing/forms process, and two new short-term female workers start within the next three weeks!! God is so good….!!!!

Health-wise I’ve been fine almost this whole year – thank you so much for praying! Finance has been kept pretty much in order, yay! People are lovely….. Last week I had a Bolivian birthday party at Casa Alfa where I live, and it was so good. Several church friends turned up, and all the girls from the home, and several others from other places. We had music and big cake and amazing food and people even did speeches, in true Bolivian fashion! It was a fun night. The day of my birthday was spent at the Salt Flats – the biggest (and possibly only) Bolivian tourist attraction 😀 It was cold but breathtakingly beautiful (and breathtaking altitude), and much fun!

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