This somehow didn’t post…. From May 29th

Wow, this year is seriously passing far too fast.

Some struggles for which I’d appreciate prayer:

– One of the girls left the home last week, apparently to go live with some boy. She didn’t give us any contact details or address or anything, and I’m concerned for her as she’s putting herself into a vulnerable situation, open to a lot of abuse and having to depend on the provision of those she doesn’t know she can trust. She’s 16. Please pray that God speaks to her and brings her closer to Himself, guiding her in every decision she makes and teaching her more about living with Him….. And that He leads her to come back to the home if that’s what’s best for her – or elsewhere, wherever He wants her to be.

– As a result, I’m concerned about the other girls in the home. One in particular, who’s 13 but can be extremely controlling and very rarely opens up to the staff about anything. I’m concerned for the 17 year old in the home who doesn’t always get on all that well with the other girls, and it looked like her only real friend was the girl who left. God seems to be using this for good though in that she’s been getting on so well with the other girls sometimes, which never happened before. Pray that this continues? We’ve done a room-change with sleeping arrangements which we pray brings about some positive change.

– One of the girls in the home has TB. Pray that God heals it, and uses the medication for a swift and smooth recovery, and that it doesn’t spread to the other girls or the staff or anyone else.

– My visa situation needs God’s continual intervention! (For those who don’t know, although I moved here at the start of December, I STILL haven’t received my visa which I should’ve been given within the first 30 days of being here.) Finally yesterday they took some of my newer documents and said that if I return in 2 weeks I should have my visa. I need it back within three weeks certainly in order to travel – I’m taking my first holiday since starting here; my mum and Ben’s parents and his brother are visiting, so before my mum arrives the rest of us are hoping to make a trip to Maccu Pichu! It’s surprisingly cheap to get there from here – HOWEVER I need my passport in order to cross the border. In the office yesterday they promised not to send my passport to La Paz, but let’s hope it stays that way. I noticed that one of the documents I was given to hand in yesterday had FOUR pretty big mistakes on the one piece of paper – none of which I could’ve changed. Hopefully that document shouldn’t matter in the visa process; it was just the document saying I could borrow back my passport in order to get the other documents sorted with the police. Anyway, Erika went yesterday to the police station once again to change one of my documents from saying BRITANICA (BRITISH) to saying INGLESA (ENGLISH): but this seriously needs prayer, because if the documents don’t line up in this respect (British, English, England or Great Britain), there are problems. And mine don’t line up because the different systems don’t all have the same labels. Argh, silly ever-changing systems! So, prayer would be appreciated – that God would provide for me to get my passport back (with completed visa) within the next three weeks!

– Pray for the ministry, for finance and for workers! For both the boys’ home and the girls’ home – I don’t know how they’re going to operate once the mission team leave in August; totally not enough workers.

– Please pray for me; I’m struggling with the thought of leaving Bolivia in such a short time: I only have like ten weeks left here now, after pouring so much of my life (or so it feels) into the country and the ministry and the people. I seriously don’t want to leave. Leaving my church will be incredibly difficult too. However, I’m getting increasingly excited about starting Bible College in September, and about seeing everyone again, and about being able to walk down a street without being stared at, shouted at, whistled at, beeped at etc by several men. I’m also looking forward to the freedom of walking through a field or climbing a hill alone without any thought of “it’s a remote place and I’m alone; I’ll get attacked!” – as is the attitude instilled in us by the ministry whose workers have had far too much experience of unwanted things happening in such situations. However leaving the people and the ministry and the beauty of the country and the climate and the prices of everything here and the friendliness of those out in the countryside and the haggling and so many other aspects of the country and culture I don’t want to leave behind. I don’t want to leave the girls’ home, especially not knowing when I’ll be back and if I’ll ever see some of these girls again. Argh!


– He’s teaching me more and more through everyday situation, which is great! Pray that I learn what He’s trying to teach me, and don’t just drift through situations but make the most of everything that happens?

– He’s given me chance to do things I love in my time off, like spend time with friends, go to the church Bible study, volunteer for the other El Alfarero ministry (see previous posts;, memorise some Scripture, read, research, write, play guitar, bake…. It’s been fun!

– I discovered this week that the funky gadget my family gave me for Christmas can do so many amazing things! It’s been such a useful resource for researching my interests, listening to great radio stations and music etc, and it even works as a kindle!!!!!!!!! That totally surprised me. Totally free! So I downloaded some free books that I’d been wanting to get hold of but not knowing anyone who I could borrow them from. Groovy!

– We potentially have one or maybe even two new part-time workers for the ministry, for the boys’ home – awesome! Pray that God brings this to completion.

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